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iDive Vancouver

iDive Vancouver is a platform and springboard diving club offering dive classes at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre, Hillcrest Aquatic Centre and Watermania, all centrally located pools in Vancouver and Richmond, BC Canada. iDive promotes a fun and safe environment and our certified diving coaches teach everything right from the basics. If you love jumping off the diving board, join one of our programs!

iDive offers the following programs: 
* Building Champions (Learn-to-Dive and Advanced program): start with the basics & move at your pace

* Competitive and pre-competitive: fun meets, Provincials, Nationals and beyond

* Adult Diving: from learn-to-dive through Masters competitive

Our Facilities:

* The Vancouver Aquatic Centre (1050 Beach Avenue, Vancouver): Competitive Team, Building Champions (Learn-to-Dive and Advanced), Adult Diving

* Hillcrest Aquatic Centre (4575 Clancy Loranger Way, Ontario & 30th Avenue, Vancouver): Building Champions (Learn-to-Dive and Advanced), Adult Diving

* Watermania (14300 Entertainment Blvd, Richmond): Building Champions (Learn-to-Dive and Advanced)